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Thanksgiving Day 2016 Greetings With Images

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016 Thanksgiving Day is the event which is celebrated as the public holiday in a lot of countries. Previously, this date was celebrated as the day of conveying our gratefulness and happiness for the high-quality harvest of the preceding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated generally on the second Monday of the month of… Read More »

Remembrance Day 2016 Wishes & Quotes Images

Remembrance Day 2016 I desire that the conflict would end and the world would be a healthier place to reside with calmness and accord. There is no malnourishment and distress and this world would be a stunning place to live. We all commemorate Remembrance Day to pay respect to the great soldiers and the great… Read More »

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Wishes Images & Quotes

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Dhanteras is the first day of a five-day Diwali festivity. This celebration is also called Dhantrayodashi or Dhanwantari Triodasi that occurs on the auspicious thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu calendar in the month of Kartik, which is observed near the months of October and November. In the word… Read More »

Halloween 2016 Quotes & Greetings With Photos

Halloween 2016 – The Time to Celebrate The Scare! Across the line that has been drawn between the autumn and the winter season, existence and demise, the Halloween is a period of carnival and fallacy. It is believed to have instigated with the prehistoric Celtic festival of Samhain when the masses used to light bonfires… Read More »

Happy Diwali 2016 Wishes Quotes With Images

Happy Diwali 2016 Diwali is the celebration of lights and one of the most significant festivals in which the Indian culture showcases fireworks in the sky, prayers, and exceptional events in all the corners of the world in the autumn season. This festival is celebrated by the Hindu community, Sikhs, and the Jains, for lots… Read More »

Happy Columbus Day 2017 Quotes & Wishes With Images

Happy Columbus Day 2017 If you have a soul of a traveler and bone of an adventure lover, then somehow Christopher Columbus inspires you to the core. That is the reason, people of America celebrates 12th of October Columbus Day to remember his contribution to mankind through his enormous courage to travel and discover things… Read More »