Best Independence Day Slogans For 15th August 2017

By | August 11, 2017

Independence Day 15th August is one glorious celebration in India. Flag hoisting takes places at schools, colleges, universities and all government institutions and public organisations. Often students shout slogans to express their feelings of pride for the nation and a willingness to do something for it.


Independence Day Slogans free

                                                              Independence Day Slogan

Independence Day Slogans for 15th August

Slogans are used as a way to communicate strong sentiment. They are meaningful words containing a strong motto and are used in religious, political, social as well as commercial activities. Often they are made such that they are easy to remember. Children are often taught various slogans and they love to repeat them over and over.

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                         Slogan for Independence Day Hindi

Independence Day Slogans in Hindi

Slogans are used with the hope that people will pick up on the idea and develop it further or stick with it’s concept. There are many famous slogans that have been used by Indian freedom fighters to express their deep love for the country and their willingness to go to any extent to set India free.

slogan independence day

Let’s see some more slogans in Hindi that were and today still imprinted on every Indians heart.

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                                                             Independence Day Slogan Hindi

These words by the freedom fighters are forever remembered. Especially on Independence Day school children enact scenes of the freedom struggle and shout out slogans. They also use them for fancy dress competitions during Independence Day celebrations.

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 Hindi Slogan For Independence Day

Many movies on freedom fighters often portray marches that took place in the freedom struggle years. People would come out on the streets shouting these slogans at the top of their voices. They did not care if they were arrested, all they knew was that they had to serve their motherland.

Independence Day Slogans In English

Let us also look at some Independence Day slogans in English. You can print these out as cards to distribute during the function held on 15th August.

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                                            Independence Day Slogans In English

When words come out with intensity and from the bottom of ones heart, it does not take time before they become a motto, a slogan shouted or sung by the masses. The entire idea is to spread a message. The better the slogan worded the more effective it will be.

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English Slogan For Independence Day

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                                                  List Of Slogans For Independence Day

We hope you have liked the slogans that we have picked specially for you. Do visit us again for more slogans for all kinds of public holidays and festivals. We aim at serving you the best possible services to make your life more organised and efficient. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day and keep inspired!

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